That Wog Life

I was born into a big wog family and I loved my childhood. I grew up with more cousins and uncles than I actually had and a ‘quiet’ weekend was completely unheard of.

Christmases were never dull. Our family tradition was homemade ravioli - enough to feed fifty. But even outside of Christmas, food was an important part of my childhood memories.

Pizza Is Life

We ate pasta almost every day - in a family of seven, it was an economical necessity - but every so often, we got a treat...pizza. That’s where my fascination with pizza began.

Over the years, my love for pizza has only grown - especially after a few visits to Italy. When I travelled to Italy, I would stay with family and eat a whole lot of pizza. Call it a pizza epiphany - I decided that if I'm going to work, I'm going to go full wog.

Little Wog’s Pizza

I started looking up dough recipes and playing with my mum's recipes. I took bits from here, pieces from there. When I started to feel more confident, I decided to go to back to Italy to hone my skills. With my cousin's help, I returned to Melbourne ready to start Some Little Wog's Pizza.

Some Little Wog's Pizza is all about looking back. I look back at all the times I spent sharing amazing food with my family, and I realise how lucky I am. So when Some Little Wog's Pizza caters your event, we strive to share our food with you, and help to create memories you and your guests will be able to look back on fondly.